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Dear Customer,


As General Redüktör, a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing high-quality products, we take the necessary measures to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law. We commit to keeping and safeguarding the personal data of our customers and business partners confidential.

We adopt a transparent approach to data security and privacy. For this reason, we act in accordance with the following principles for processing and safeguarding your personal data:

Legality, Fair Processing, and Relevant Purposes: We process your personal data in full compliance with the applicable data protection laws. We process this data for clear and legitimate purposes. Your data is used only for the necessary duration and for the purposes specified.

Data Privacy and Security: We take appropriate technical and organizational measures to keep your personal data safe and protect it against unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. We continuously monitor data security standards and make improvements as necessary.

Data Subject Rights: We have made the necessary arrangements to protect the rights of personal data subjects. Data subjects have rights such as access, rectification, erasure, and information access regarding their personal data. We provide the necessary processes to exercise these rights.

Data Transfer and Collaboration: We share personal data with our business partners, contractors, or other third parties only when necessary and based on legal grounds. These sharing processes are carried out while ensuring data security and confidentiality.

Continuous Improvement: We consistently review and enhance our data protection policies and processes. This enables us to stay up-to-date with data protection guidelines, technological advancements, and changes in regulations.

At General Redüktör, we are committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring your privacy. We continue to strive for compliance with data protection principles and aim to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

If you have any questions or requests related to your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to assist you.


Best regards,

General Redüktör Motor A.Ş.